This is the website of NotSludgeBomb. I'm a free/open source software developer working in C, and occasionally C++ and Rust. Occasionally. My interest is mainly in low-level systems and standards, such as the C standard library and POSIX utilities.

I believe strongly in free and open-source software. I dual-boot GNU/Linux (or just "Linux" if you're normal) and FreeBSD on my desktop. I also run Linux on my laptop, though unfortunately stuck with iOS on mobile. I use exclusively FOSS applications, though I kind of cheat that number by using Discord in Firefox instead of as it's own app.

I strongly oppose Google Chrome/Chromium and their derivitives, being the primary tool with which Google has obtained their monopoly and control over the modern web.


This site is themed after the video game OMORI, created and owned by OMOCAT LLC.. All credit goes to them for the various assets used in this site.

Where to Find Me